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ELVAN S.A. is a major European industry, producing cable trays and support systems. At its industrial premises located in Peania, and covering an area of 12.000 sq. m, (3000 of which is the production area) more than 5000 standarized articles are produced.
Our manufacturing program -started in 1972 - is being continuously updated and completed. Today it includes the following ranges of products:

  • Cable trays and fittings
  • Cable ladders and fittings
  • Marine type-cable trays
  • Supports and accessories for cable trays
  • Metal framing systems
  • Pipe clamps and supports


Above mentioned products are used in industrial buildings, hospitals, offices etc. in order to complete the mechanical or electrical installations.

Particular attention is given to quality control of all products.
Our commitment to continuous research, to development of new products, to improvements of our manufacturing methods, as well as to quality control ensure the satisfication of our customers.

The preference shown to our products by Greek and foreign clients, is due to the above mentioned achievements. Actually our company has carried our exports to several countries, including Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Iraq.
Hundreds of electromechanical installations have been completed successfully making use of ELVAN'S products. We shall be pleased to assist in completing many more.